About Us

Meet our Team!

Welcome to Coastal Carolina Escapes! We were established in 2021 after the Owner, Courtney Shannon, took a leap of faith and started her own Vacation Rental Company. Courtney grew up with a mother who was hard hitting real estate broker in New York. She was exposed at an early age to the business.

Courtney started in the business for a large rental company and quickly saw so many more steps could be taken to protect homeowners’ investments and provide a better guest experience.

As a company we are focused and committed on the guest experience and making sure properties are up to our standards. We are here to make sure whether it’s as simple as a replacement pan or HVAC issues, we are here to handle it quickly! We are a small company that make our guests feel like family!


Meet Claire!

Claire was raised in the North Myrtle Beach area and has been a long-time family friend! She has the go getter attitude and has been that way since she was a teenager. 

You can entrust Claire will take care of our guests needs or questions. We are excited of the addition of Claire back into another family run business and look forward to our guests getting to know her!


Nickname: Claire Bear 


  • Coffee (lots of it! Escpecially locally owned shops)
  • Concerts 
  • Road Trips 
  • Exploring new cities 

Meet Garrett!

Garrett is our go to for maintenance and helping guests anyway he can at each one of our properties! This is the face most of our guests get to meet and know. He makes sure all our guests are satisfied and taken care of. 

We are proud to say we have a Marine Veteran on our team! 

When he’s not working, he loves to fish, hunt, and tinker in the garage. (When his wife (Courtney) lets him that is :))

Give him a shout when he’s on the boulevard working!

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